Monday, October 18, 2010

Hauntings and Happenings.....

Just popping in quickly with some of my own hauntings and happenings here at Che Miles.... fall is absolutely one of my favorite times of year... the color and crispness, trips to the pumpkin patch, spiced cider, Carmel apples and pumpkin spice lattes!!! Crisp fall air, fallen leaves, the smell of a wood fire in the fireplace.... mmmmmm....... And I L-O-V-E to decorate for fall and Halloween- as you can see my house is dripping in it... inside and out!
We've also had an inordinately large amount of salamanders, snakes and frogs this Autumn... which makes my kids ridiculously happy... {did I mention that I live with Dr. Doo-Little I & II}
So life here at the Miles house rolls in and into basketball and book reports and pondering who will be what for Halloween.... I'm snapping away like a woman with her hair on fire trying to take advantage of the weather before it goes to... {well you know what I was going to say} winter mode.... I may make it out of hibernation from behind my monitor soon....and come out and be social.... but 'til then- have a great day- make the most of it! Mwah! xoox Didi V.

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