Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends

We've all seen & heard the tag-line, "Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends...."
where it relates to breast cancer/health awareness- and it sounds good.....

But what happens when it's YOUR family? When it touches your life- every fiber of your soul? When it's YOUR mother? YOUR daughter? YOUR sister? YOUR friend?

You grab each other and hold on tight- you hold each other up- physically and emotionally. This family has been down this road several times- "Nana" Josie is a survivor- who's bouncing back yet again after the most recent round of treatments. I felt so honored that this family would ask me to photograph them- and help capture memories of this trip for them! Nana & Aunti Mo- it was a pleasure to meet you- and to my Trishy & kids- love you much!

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