Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where'd she go????

You know that my life has hit super-nova overdrive when I haven't posted in two weeks+, huh?

I have been on the fly for months but this last couple of weeks- is the collective end of my busy season, and I'm frantically trying to get every one's photos finished for the holidays, and fit in a few last minute sessions and some brand new arrivals- that you have to catch as they happen!

Our family went from the normal busy to uber crazed as basketball season is here- both girls are playing- and to make it better/worse... they were hand picked to be on the SAME team....a team that falls in the middle of their skill sets... so this first game on Saturday- should prove to be interesting.... Ron has the chauffeur duty for basketball and is helping coach the team with coach Scott. (God Bless those two- they have infinite patience with the girls!)

I have added official PTA membership and Chamber of Commerce to my resume this month, and have become an official business with the state... so it's been a truly exciting month! Natural Approach is growing up!

Thanksgiving was a great time spent with friends and family and some righteous food! We have so much to thankful for here in the Miles home... and I am particularly thankful for all of you- my friends and clients to visit regularly to see what's new. You keep the wind in my sails and your words of praise and the referrals you send my way - are what keep me going- so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Let's start decorating and baking- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......xoox Didi

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