Sunday, June 21, 2009

ahhh- redemption

Now while I realize it's only a monster deli-style sandwich.... it was MONEY!
And this is why..... caramelized red onion.... I could just eat this out of the pan- by it's own self....mmmmmmmm

I started with a lovely sliced French bread, fresh produce, some sliced roast beef and roast turkey, cheese, and a bit of mayo & mustard..... smothered in caramelized goodness.....

If you have the extra 15 minutes when prepping sandwiches (and this is just as incredible cold- so make extra and store in air tight container in the fridge.....) I highly recommend this simple but magnificent flavor.
Start with onion of choice- I'm a huge fan of purple/red onion. Chop coarsely- in half, and then perpendicular to that original cut (if that makes any sense....) but that way, your pieces break up into nice even sizes which is great for the palette and for cooking time. This was half of a really large onion, and I used about a teaspoon of Kosher salt and probably two tablespoons of white sugar. Drizzle with a little olive oil- and let simmer and cook down on med-high. stir every few minutes.
They will look translucent and wimpy- but the flavor- oh- the flavor- will knock your socks off! I layer these first after your mustard mayo- followed with the roast beast, some bird, some cheese and whatever produce you feel like including- I personally would have loved sprouts on here- the rest the family- not so much.
The kids didn't even want to try- but at my insistence they did- and polished off the first half and were asking for more.
You can also sneak in bell peppers with the onions...... mmmmmmmm.... great way to incorporate more veggies into a sandwich- and a chance your kids might eat it! :)

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Roxie said...

I am an onion FANATIC! You so made me hungry now!!