Thursday, June 25, 2009

Basketball camp

I did momentarily question my own sanity- signing the kids up for more basketball only a few days after school let out for summer.... but only for a moment. As if fate had purposefully stepped in- and passed me the flyer at Oni's last game a couple of weeks ago.....
This camp/clinic was being put on by the Snohomish High Lady Panthers and their coaching staff- as a fund raiser for the Booster Club and to help foster excitement with the younger girls about Ladies hoops. And boy did it! My girls would really like it if I could drive them to the next town for school so they can be a Lady Panther...... I explained that they would be a "Colt" and the High School girls all agreed- that Cavelero- was a tough team and they would do well there. :)

The team girls were patient and fun- and all of the girls at this clinic seemed to listen and benefit.

Oni's shooting and free-throw abilities- have really come around.... she's even working on the one leg lay-up right now!

Oni's already at shoulder height with the high school girls.... and I panned down from this shot-

Look at baby-Shaq's feet!!!! My Lord- if she grows into those feet- 6'4" baby- tall girls rule!!! (The girls in this group are her peers- 2-4th graders......) Gabbi- not far behind is right next to her.....

As usual- Gabbi having fun- Oni- getting pretty darned good at drills these days. :)
I'm glad we made the trip down this week- it was time and money well spent. More technique, more drills and more confidence. :)

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