Sunday, June 14, 2009


My friend Beth contacted me a while back and said- "it's time for some new family photos..." and she had a twist- we were doing buddy photos with one of her bestest girl friends who would be visiting from out of town with her kids. They are God-moms to each other's kids and wanted some photos of all of them playing, hanging out and having fun. So I threw convention and all of the rules about simplicity in clothing for photos out the window yesterday- and found lots of wonderful, bright colors- the more the better! It's a bout fun here!!!!!
Garren and that perfect spray of freckles and those eyes..... oh- those eyes! Gracie was so excited to show me the holes from her newly missing teeth-and to push her tongue through that space-- love that girl! Hayden is on his way to being gorgeous man on campus....look at those dimples and that chin- look out ladies!
Trish is so fun and it's easy to see where Hayden & Hannah get those eyes and looks from!
Hannah- OMGosh- can you say gorgeous?????
It was silliness and off the cuff the whole session!
I had so much fun ladies- thanks so much for choosing me!

xoxox Didi

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Anonymous said...

Di~ What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. The kids actually enjoyed getting their picture taken, and believe me they dread picture day! I can't wait to see the others these are just priceless. Thank you much! ~ T