Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Baby James~ part II

Not much cuter than baby feet...... this is part two of Cathy & Corey's newborn/family shoot.... they will be happy to know- I just finished their pix! Woo~hoooo!!!!
OK- a newborn thumb sucker- absolutely makes me grin ear-to-ear!!!! That is cuteness in a jar folks!

Sweet baby James and his pretty momma...

I had to laugh- we were trying to portray all the hands that will help raise him- and he was having nothing to do with my serene vision.... so it's more comical than serene- but makes me giggle all the same!

So C&C, look for an envelope from me soon- and the rest of you- have a rockin day in the sunshine- find something to make you laugh today! xoxo Didi

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Roxie said...

Total Sweetness!