Sunday, June 7, 2009

Race Day

Today was race day in Seattle... It was a sea of Pink - and it was good! It was also a very emotional day- and during the survivors parade- Oni and I just held each other and cried... we miss Nan sooooo much....

My mommy is still here visiting with so she was able to take photos for us as we girls took off and came through the finish line.
Me and the girls - my little troopers... we all did a much better job this year of being in better shape and prepared to do the walk- so it was great fun and no complaints of being tired this year! Hooraay!

The Seattle Thunder Marching band bring us all home! They help put a little spunk back in your step that last half mile.

My and my little mini-warriors...... as we suit up for doing battle agains cancer..

We did reach our small team goal for fundraising and the girls even did a lemonaide stand every night this week to turn in extra funds today.

Thank you to everyone who supported us financial and emotionally in this year's race!

xoxo Didi

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