Friday, July 9, 2010

Amazing Alex

Everyone- meet my niece Alexis... Alex- meet everyone!!!! Can you say stunner??????

You know- when I showed up to take Alex's senior portraits on Monday evening- I was blown away at how gorgeous and grown up she's gotten! She's always been a cutie.... but wow- clearly, I've been gone from home for far too long!!!!

This girl is on her way to Vet school- super smart- gifted with the 4 legged variety, a lifer in 4H and a trophy room to prove it! She rocks the drum line and leaves the boys drooling (tho she's far too modest to admit the last part- which- truly makes her all the more irresistible!) I know my older sis and brother-in-law are crazy proud of her- and it shows- she's a quiet rock star.

I know she'll set the world on it's ear this coming year as a senior- and in the coming years at university! Go get 'em girl- Auntie is super proud of you!!!! xoxo Di
*and yes- her eyes REALLY are THAT cool!!!!*

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