Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Pretties...

* Oni Spice sporting multiple headbands*

My girl Fi Fi at Daydream Believer has been very crafty and busy this summer- she's turning out some seriously cute stuff lately!
Aside from the knit-werks that she's been creating as newborn and toddler props for me....(and I LOVE her long time for those!!!) She has been creating the super versatile dahlia headbands and rose clips for the big girls and the vintage hats and rose headbands for the babes... and they are soooo cute!
She also has some of the coolest/softest infant burp rags ever!!! Seriously- if you have to wear one for 6 months... make it a fashion statement!
You can find her here:
*Baby M sporting the vintage rose hat & headbands*

* Baby B in the infant teddy bear hat*
*Gabbi Spice in the Dahlia stretch*

*Gabbi Spice with a vintage rose clip slid into her loose pony*
*Both the vintage rose and the dahlia come in a variety of colors*


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Kate Barnette said...

Beautiful photography and gorgeous props! Love Tiffany's craftiness.