Saturday, July 10, 2010

K-Fam Kountry

I think by now- most of you know that I hale from central Idaho- and you that you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl, right? It was sooooooo good to be home last week- I think I've spent too many years trying to get away to the big city- only to crave being back home in the country.... age/maturity have a funny way of helping to see things more clearly, huh?

Can I just say how much fun I had re-connecting with Kristi & Donnie and their gorgeous kids???? I've known Kristi (and her twin Misti) since we were 5 and we went to school with Donnie (who was a couple of years ahead of us) and all of his brothers & sisters all the way through GHS.

Kristi knew I'd be coming home for our 20 year class reunion (I know- 20 years... gasp, cough, wheeze...... ) over the 4th and asked if I'd shoot Branden's senior portraits while there. What a treat it was to meet their kids who are all grown up and GORGEOUS I might add. But I especially love that they wanted pix right there at home- where they live and work.... and we giggled as we slogged through the stock yard to the hay shed and around to the stalls... but it was worth it- I loved the lighting and texture we got there! So we snuck in a few family shots because, hey- I was there!

Branden is the epitome of sweet, handsome country boy- (I wanted to just put him in my pocket and take him with me to meet my niece- or save him for 10 years for my oldest- but I guess arranged marriages are out these days????) Just kidding- ok- not really.... maybe......He's handsome as can be, good athlete, smart, polite- has a job working for a neighboring rancher... really- for a 17 year old- he's got it together. Mom & dad have done a great job raising him right! (and coming from Idaho County folks- I'd expect nothing less!) K-fam- you rock and you hold the corner on beautiful- love ya! xoxo D

*and baby sis B- even makes a cow stall look amazing- THAT is a skill!!!*

*ladies.... don't drool too hard here.....*

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Tator & Peeler Keeler were born. What wonderful kids they are - - I "suppose" Donnie & Kristi had something to do with it all. Great pictures!