Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot Shots


Just before Spring Break, Oni was invited to join a new AAU team being formed in the Sno-ho area. These are typically a select team situation.... and since she just picked up a ball in November-we were excited and grateful that they would take a chance on an inexperienced player. Now- that's not to say that there haven't been a couple of bumps in the road- and that it's been a good wake up call for her.... she has to learn to work as a TEAM- and it's hard work- but can be a TON of fun! And it can be a total tear-down of your self confidence before it's a build back up- but I think we're on the build back up... she was not real sure going into this double header yesterday..... and even tho it was hard play- full court- for two games back to back.... she left with a smile and a renewed sense of "can-do"... she wants to try harder and pay better attention so she can play better this weekend.... cross your fingers and say a little prayer!
Our team is red- we're the "Hot Shots". And while a bit shell shocked at the very start- we came back strong in the second quarter of the first game- playing a team that was crazy fast and a couple of girls with some amazing vert- pretty sure some of these kids from Seattle have been playing since kindergarten- they were really good!

Here Oni & Emma the "Twin Towers" as we like to call them-(at over 5' each *in shoes* ...they are definitely the tall girls on the team) mapping it out as the ball comes toward them....

Looking for the rebound....

Emma giving this girl no room to move

I'm sorry I don't know all the girls' names yet- but our girl protecting the ball...

Oni- taking it out

In our second game- it was turn over city- the Wolf pack was very effective at stripping the ball

Tho our girls were trying to make it difficult to move-

Emma going for and making 2....

Oni- taking a piece of the rebound action

Emma- back in there fighting for the ball

The look on Emma's face cracked me up- she and 22 were having a battle of wills and she was sick of the other girl's trash talk.....

#1- wrestles the ball back into possession

Sadly we didn't win either game yesterday- but we now have a far better idea of what it's going to take to get there!!!! Wish us luck this weekend!

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