Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't know about you all- but the sun the last few days has me thinking Spring- and for me at least- spring is offically established in a couple of things.

One- is buttercups... and no one over here knows what I'm talking about.... but you folks back home do..... but they are a little shiny waxy little blossoms that grow up on the hill and poke through the dead grasses that were insulating them through several feet of snow all winter. As the snow begins to melt- they pop up in the pasture behind my parents place and across the canyon at great G'pa & G'ma's old homestead. My folks took some down to my papa a few weeks ago in a little butter dish- as is tradition in my family.

My great G'pa Manning used to take an old spoon and a little yellow butter dish out and scoop up a little dish of sunshine, dirt and all for my great G'ma Manning- every year- it was a sure sign of spring. My mom used to do it- and I did it for her all those years growing up on Rawhide Flatts.

And the other is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I've gone- dragging the girls along with me, every year since their births. It's a most amazing sight- if for some reason you've been living under a rock- or just haven't made the time- seriously- pack a lunch and take a drive- it's gorgeous country- and an excuse to see some of the sights right close to home!

These were from last year- but stay tuned... the warmer weather should encourage the tulip fields to get busy- they are a bit behind due to the snow and cold this year- but I hear that the daffodils are perfect.... So here's the link if you're interested.


I'll keep you posted when we are going up!

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Heidilynn said...

Cannot WAIT to tip toe through the tulips. Stunning pix girl. Its been years since I've visited Skagit Valley... yeah I know I used to live next door in Whatcom. Its no fun to go alone. I am thinking and feeling SPRING right along with you Didi. I hear its supposed to snow this Easter Sunday. HA HA won't that be a hoot! Be sure to take photos of the snow covered flowers in your yard. LOVES H.