Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Murder Mystery Party

Mysterious deaths, bitter divorces, quickie marriages, crime bosses, short skirts, some cocktails and lots and lots of feathers.......and that was all before 9pm!
Our dear friends John & Allison hosted a "Murder Mystery" dinner party- and converted their basement- in the the Four Deuces Speakeasy. They made sure every detail was perfect-

I played Carrie Crooner-Ravioli the climber Caberet singer who had slept her way to the top....and yes- I did sing- I hear I did great- will have to see the video for myself tho... been over 10 years since I've sung for any kind of event! And in between songs, solving the mystery and trying not to get myself killed off...... I was shooting photos!

There were prizes for best costumes, best actor, most money won, etc.....

We all had sooooooo much fun! I aged the photos to match the mood- love real, old vintage sepia-tone photos and tried to get that feel with these.

Everyone looked so great Saturday- we all shopped well!

Believe it or not- I let Onika take this shot of me (yes- I just handed over my brand new camera to my 9 year old....around her neck- yes-) and she did a great job!

Here my handsome man tries to look bad...... he's too cute to look mean!

The crime syndicate...

And the gaggle of ga-ga girls....

Some of the Ya-Ya's... we've been friends for years & years!

John & Allison- our hosts with the most!

Beth with a bone to pick with me.... or my character anyway... I stole her husband... I let you know how it turns out!
Seriously tho- if you get invited to one of these- go- have fun! It was a blast!

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