Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snail shells and puppy dog tails....

That's what little boys are supposed to made of..... but I dont' think so! :)

I'm so far behind this week- but what can you do, right? Last night my neighbor around the corner was out with his little man- who was riding his trike... well sort of- daddy was pulling it- and he was hanging on... but it was very cute- all the same. :)

I loved the fun and funky colors of his hat so I had to grab the camera (imagine that, right????)

Anyhoo- hope all of you are doing well- find something to make you giggle today! xoox D


Roxie said...

Those are definitely some squeezable cheeks he has there. :)

Didi said...

Thx!!! Isn't he gorgeous?????