Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

What a GLORIOUS day yesterday!!!! One couldn't ask for a more perfect day to go to the Tulip fields in the Skagit Valley. My girl Nicole and I both took the day off- and we picked the kids up early from school (had to make sure they were done with their WASL testing first...) grabbed snacks and packed the six of us in her van. We hit a few traffic snags on the way up- but it was a blessing in disguise- because it was still too bright to shoot the flowers..... But the sun periodically dipped behind the clouds- and showed us this living rainbow......pretty cool, huh?

Here Gabbi & her buddy Samaya cheese for the mommies and their cameras

And no, we did not plan the co-ordinating outfits.... they are just that good. :)

Samaya & her big brother Brooks

Our Motley Crew
Tulips, Tulips everywhere- what a glorious sight!

Girls just wanna have fun, right???

Gabbi and those copper colored eyes!
The girls appeasing me with the obligatory shot for the scrap book

These hyacinth were just dreamy

and these cherry blossoms

Nicole being adorable as usual- love the way sun plays in her hot hair color!
Couldn't have planned this one if I had tried....

Hope you found some little patch of sunshine yesterday and enjoyed. :) xoox D


Roxie said...

You have no idea how jealous I am! I totally wish I went with my husband last week! ugghhh!! On that second picture of your daughter is flippin' awesome! Love it girl!

Neats said...


Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures from the Tulip Festival! Nicole told me you guys were going to take the kids and what a fantastic photo shoot you took to capture all the precious memories! All of the kids are absolutely adorable!

Thanks again for sharing!

Anita (Nicky's sister from Joisey)