Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My friends Lisa & Mark asked me to get some updated shots of their family now that they have baby Jace. Since he's pretty new- we needed to work indoors for warmth.... so I'm trying to work out my demons with the studio lighting.....
They are a fun and silly bunch- the girls have grown up sooooo much! Can't believe how much they have changed since I last did photos almost two years ago!

And there's Jace.... Mr. Cranky-Pants as we loving called him that day.... he was not impressed with the whole picture taking process.....and he told us all about it!

But in an effort to make them laugh- I suggested it was a good thing that these are only photos and there was no sound-track!
Cause brother- was UN-HAPPY!
Daddy Mark did manage to get him calmed down - and oh what a sweet face!

And I think by now- you all know my feelings on baby feets.... there's just nothing cuter!!!!

And even big kid feet were cute- Daddy and the girls- lined up for another shot- couldn't resist!

The girls were little posers- cracked me up!

Layne is such a good big sister!

And Ellianne too!

These a bit more formal than I generally do- but fun memories all the same!

Lisa & baby Jace should be coming to visit in a bit- see if we can catch him in a better mood- will let you know if we succeeded!

Find something to make you smile today! xoxo D

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