Saturday, May 9, 2009

This time last year

I love this time of year.... and not just because this weekend is mother's day- but because it's Spring unfolding- folks come out of their winter and cold weather cocoons.... It's time to start planting and working over the yard.....people smile more, the kids are out playing and giggling and making joyful noise.

But since it is Mother's day- it made me think back at last year's Mother's day. We had a fun day here at the house with family for a BBQ. and after guests had departed- I asked the girls to go with me for a drive and some girl time and take new pix. They did so somewhat reluctantly- but the promise of a trip to B&R 31 Flavors swung the vote in my favor....

These are actually the last part of that session- we were a few blocks from home- after shooting some great stuff in old downtown Everett. And what to my eyes should appear??? But a field of diamonds sparkling in the setting sun.... I made a quick U-turn and my kids looked at me like I had lost my mind (yes- again...). I told them it was the one time I'd tell them to blow dandelion seeds as hard as they could! (my poor husband would have a stroke if someone did this anywhere near his grass!!!!)

But the end result was magical- I love that it's dreamy and there's sun-flare everywhere- because I was shooting right at the sun- and it's such a departure from how I normally shot.......

We've grown and changed a great deal since this time last year, haven't we? The kids have grown taller and smarter- lost and gained a few teeth, we've grown wiser and learned a few new tricks. We can look back at a year full of firsts- and time well spent with family.

Makes me wonder what I'll be blogging about- THIS TIME NEXT YEAR......

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day weekend! xoxo D

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