Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Releases...

Just a quick sneak peek at photos I shot Monday for the New Releases for NAPEEQUA!!!! Looking down into a glass of Malbac- and you can see the party lights from my patio glimmering onto the wine- just says yummy time with friends,huh?
These two are of the Trailhead- which is a huge favorite in our house!

More to come later as I have time to work on them!

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Heidilynn said...

Stunning girl...I close my eyes and can taste the Malbec via the photos. I totally want to go back to Plain and see what's brewing. I have managed to hook a few co-workers on Napeequa wines ((they live up by you Miss D so they were able to purchase from Haggen in your area.. so not fair!!))