Sunday, May 24, 2009

Field Trip

Wow!!!! What gorgeous weather this week! I LOVE it!!! Life just seems to shift into over-drive when the weather turns nice. Onika's class had their big spring field trip last week to Blake Island, located in the Puget Sound- just outside of Seattle. The day couldn't have been more beautiful! It started off grey but burned off to be a spectacular blue sky- and an awesome cloud day!!!!

We rode on the Royal Argosy Cruise ship around the sound. We ferried over to Blake Island- but didn't get to get off and explore the Island this trip. It was under renovation.. (insert sad face here...). They had each floor of the ship dedicated for different activities tho... We had story telling, crafts, native dancers and meals each on a separate floor. It worked out well.

Oni on the top deck of the ship with the Space Needle in the background.
I just love our Seattle skyline -

The kids working on the paper versions of the NW Coast Native dance masks.
"Lo" as she likes to be called. She was our storyteller and drummer.
Salmon on display
The dancers letting the kids try on some of the masks and costumes.
Some of these masks weigh as much as 50 pounds!

The dancers make the blankets, masks and regalia.

It was such a fun experience for the kids- if you are looking for an activity this summer- that would be a learning opportunity as well as a fun outing... you should check them out!
Have a great day!!!! xoxo D

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