Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Blue

Ok- I have a new love...... it's this incredible blue poppy.... I spied this when I was at Sunny side Nursery yesterday shopping for plants with my girl Dr. Nicky and I just HAD to have it!

It seems frivolous to purchase a poppy plant- singular that at it's zenith- right now- and will only have a few more blooms- and then it's done for the season.... BUT- it's so amazing- I just had to have it! It will come back again next year- and hopefully I can harvest seeds from the pods once dry and have more next year. But I'm content to enjoy it's beauty for today. :) So I thought I'd share- Enjoy!

Here's the link to Sunny side if you want to check them out. Great selection, easy to find, easy parking and very helpful staff! :)

Smile and go play in the sunshine!

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