Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet baby Jace

You know how when you were a kid- and someone would lob the ball too hard in four square, and someone would yell, "re-do" .... or "do-over"? Well this is my "re-do" of sorts. When Lisa and Mark were here a couple of weeks ago for their family photos with their new addition.... our sweet new prince cried- the entire time..... so I really felt that Lisa and I- had been cheated a bit- I wanted something other than him screaming at us... so I asked her to come over with just Jace to see if we could get some better shots.

I'm really happy that we did- because- we did! :)

Nothing cuter than a bare baby tooshie!!!!!!
He has the coolest blue eyes!

And that little fringe of hair- just makes me melt!

And I suppose some might object- but I guess if it offends you- scroll past.. but I love this shot of my friend nursing her baby! It's such a sweet and precious gift that we get to give our babies- and it only lasts for a short time- so we should enjoy and appreciate it while we can!

Thanks for coming over to play the other day! xoox D

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