Monday, May 25, 2009

Rhubarb Crisp

Mmmmm.... my rhubarb crisp is super yummy and super easy! It is based on the basic recipe from my good old red & white Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook that I've had since i was a kid! I've switched it up and at the request of many this weekend- I'll give you the low-down. :) Enjoy- and think of me when you make it! xoox Didi
I make mine in a Pyrex glass 9x13 pan.
10C chopped fresh rhubarb tossed with 2C white sugar & 1/3C flour
Mix these dry ingredients together in a LARGE wide mixing bowl.
2C regular rolled oats
2C Packed brown sugar
1C all purpose flour
1tsp each ground nutmeg, ginger& cinnomon. (you can also try 1/2 tsp cardomom, but I'd eliminate the nutmeg if you do- wonderful but intense flavors...)
Stir with a fork until combined.
Add 2 sticks of butter- melted to the above mixture until combine into a coarse mixture and all the dry is absorbed.Take half of this mixture and press into bottom of pan.
Layer on the rhubarb/sugar/flour mixture. (all of it!) Press down into pan.
Cover with remaining crumble/struesel mixture and press down.
Bake @ 375 for about 40 minutes until gold & bubbly. Please resist the urge to dive in- you WILL blister your mouth......
Let rest for 20-30 minutes and serve with vanilla bean ice cream and Enjoy!

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