Sunday, May 17, 2009

She Could go all the WAY!!!

And... they're off! Yesterday, Oni's team got to play a rec league game at the brand spanking new YMCA in Shoreline- wow- what a beautiful new facility! What we didn't realize until time to play- is that we were playing a combo 4-5-6th team.. and we're a 3rd/4th grade team... and some of their older players- seriously- were almost as tall as me!!!!!

****And for purely selfish reasons- wish we played all of our games here- look at all the natural light in this gym- no flash necessary!!!! (Man I'm loving this new camera too- much better/higher ISO!)*****

Oni and the coach's daughter studying the floor. She told the coach that she likes not starting for the first few minutes- "It gives me a chance to study the other team first.." (Ron & I looked at each other like- are you serious? Who are you??? And what have you done with OUR child....?) But apparently- it worked for her yesterday!

Now- granted- Miss T on our team is petite- but holy LORD! Look at how much bigger these other girls were!!!!!

The girls played more "together" yesterday than they've played all season so far- it was awesome to watch!

Little Sam- small- but dangerously fast- she'll slide in an swipe the ball before you even realize she'd been there!

Don't mess w/ T!

Emma swims in w/ some screen help...

Oni is all over #14... or is that her twin #11?? Hard to tell... and hard on the court for Oni- trying to figure out which twin she was guarding!

Now, watch carefully here.... Oni's guarding her well- then Carpe deim.... ONE.......


THREE!!!! Mine! ***That's MY girl!!!!***

Emma with a little defensive block & tackle for Tegan- HOLY crap that other girl was big!!!!

Ok- brace yourself.... sister got enough off a rebound- that she got fouled! So here she is setting up to make her first 2 of this AAU season- and her first ever game free-throw. And it was perfect- nothing but net!!!!!
****and then she and I looked at each other and put up 5 fingers..... I owed her five bucks.... and she smiled all they way back down the court!****

Oni- working and running harder than we've ever seen her- daddy took her before we left for new shoes- are you all sitting down??? now they are a smidge big- but not really.... a MEN'S 8.5!!!!! That's the equivalent to a ladies 10?????? Time to measure her again I guess.... she and I will be trading shoes in no time!
***Side note- just measured her- she's grown 3/4" in the last month!****
She's getting faster and lighter on her feet! I love the stop action on this shot- she's up on her toes.

What a joy to watch yesterday- the girls needed that win. Now pray for us today- we've got a double header against two really tough teams... Stay tuned for film at 11!

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