Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I see you!!!! My neighbor Kristin & youngest daughter Grace come and have coffee with me at least once a week after we drop the big kids off for school. We have my yummy lattes and some sort of treat that one of us has made. And Gracie- well she's our entertainment, really.
She loves to come to my house and explore and hang out with us- because she can- and there's no big kids to distract us from just her.

I forget- that being small like that- that everything is new-and you have to touch, feel, taste and smell EVERYTHING because- how else are you gonna learn???? She cracks me up- makes me giggle, blows me kisses and makes me smile- love that girl!

So here's Gracie- an extra little ray of sunshine to add to the sun flooding my kitchen the other morning........dressed up in my kitchen towels- looking a bit like Poncho Villa on this Cinco de Mayo.
Say a toast, smile and enjoy today! xoox D

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