Monday, December 8, 2008

Decor Galore

So- if you are wondering what I meant in the prior post about Christmas looking like it threw up on my house- It's VERY holiday here at Che' Miles. This is my ever increasing collection of Father Christmas'.... I didn't ever set out to collect them- but inevitably someone gives me one (sometimes 2) every year- so I now have a really fun collection! And can a girl really ever have enough bling???? This gorgeous angel tree topper is a smidge too tall for the tree- but she's so pretty- I have to put her out- so I found display foo-foo to compliment her.
Now this tree is a stretch for me- I'm generally very understated with my trees. I've been collecting ornaments for well.... I won't tell you exactly how long because that belies my true age... but a rather long time. And yes- the ornaments are tagged and bagged according to theme and color and then filed accordingly..... but typically my trees are monochromatic. This year the kids thought we should put all colors on there- so we did- all of the brights- and I have to say that it's a departure for me- but I rather like it!

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