Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dead on our feet...

Well- the day is pretty much done- and I'm cooked- put a fork in me!

Today has been one of those days where you (& the whole zoo)- are on a dead run- all day..... It was first basketball games, team photos, birthday parties, (and sadly a missed out of town party for one of my favorite babies....) errands, bank deposits, quick gift shopping, buying postage for the nearly 80 holiday cards going out on Monday, and applying said postage and closing up said cards, closing out last invites to holiday party- and if I missed you-please let me know- and I'll get you the details.....finished applying the last of the lights and holiday decor outside at break-neck speeds, all before inhaling dinner and off to the evening birthday party, back home with two totally exhausted children to snuggle them for a bit- the kids have now melted and gone to bed, I'm resting a bit over a glass of wine before I take control of the living room and prepare to put up my tree and make it look like Xmas threw up all over my house! Whew!!!! I think that about covers it..... oh- and that I'm hosting a baby shower here at the house tomorrow afternoon.... so I have to decorate tonight and clean tomorrow and do some food the hell do I get myself into these situations anyway???? I love to do these things- but why do they all end up on the same weekends? Now- about the games- Gabbi's team ended up with a bye- but Oni's team had a practice and their photos which was a nightmare I sadly lived to tell.... what an unorganized disaster that was! And I was only talking about the photos- but really- the game would have been comical had it not been my child who froze under the pressure and noise level in this gym- You can see in the photos below- but our girls- really have no clue about defense- and rebounding- and I'm pretty sure our coach missed the educational video on traveling and free throws.... perhaps at practice next week. (Don't get me wrong- he's super cool- but he's got a handful of girls who've never played before and are rough to say the least.) We played a team that took us downtown and around the block and soundly spanked our fannies- and that was all in the first for minutes of the game..... I was totally impressed- these 8 year-olds were unbelievable!!!!! I can only assume that this group of girls has played together before- because they all knew the game, and could strip the ball and shoot like high school-ers- it was crazy. Did I mention that a 1/3 of Oni's team had to leave at half time to attend another function over at the mid high???? so we ended up playing 4 on 4- but even so- it was bad. Oni did finally get into the game and did snag the ball and run with it a few times- and did well- her ball handling skills are good- but #20 kept snagging it and making mince- meat of my poor baby. She was defeated personally and left the gym in tears- saying she never wanted to play again. we have come around to- ok- I'll go to practice but I don't want to play in the games...... poor kid. She'll be fine- but this was an education in humility that's for certain.

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