Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!!! Hope you had as much fun as we did with our family today! Here is my absolutely adorable Mother-in-law wit her "Gaggle-o-Girls" today. Please note- that if it were not for her heels- G'ma and Oni are nearly the same height already!
Oni looking like she's ready for prom here....

And Gabbi begging for me to stop taking photos....

No one is beating each other up in this shot- so I consider it a success!

K is totally faking it- but making a very good effort at co-operating with me!

And baby K... well she just twirls and says, "take a picture of me Aunti!!!"

Here's our Motley Crew....

And the giggle gang- all in matching pink dresses!

It was a day of great food- lots of laughter and love (no- really it was- I know it's hard for some folks to swallow- but we really like each other!)
xoox D

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