Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seeing double

When people who don't know my girls see a photo like this- or the masses of photos on my cubicle walls at work, the question of whether or not they are twins, almost always comes up.
And as I'm finishing up with this set of twins' family photos, it ocurrs to me- that I have photographed and/or know a large number of twins in my short couple of years of doing this photography thing.......(in fact, there are three sets of twins here on our street- what are the odds of that???? even more crazy- is that the two older sets- are the same age, go to the same school, in the same grade, have the same first names- and the same last initial...... can you say one in a billion?????
This is one of the sets of twins on my street....... love them!

(there is a twin boy and girl in there.... I'm waiting patiently to photograph them now that they are out!) And twin girls in here.... (here mom, dad and big sister are waiting anxiously)
These two were guests at an event I was covering.....
These two turned out to be troopers- it was freezing here!!!!! and boogie noses aside (thank heavens for Adobe....) they hung in there like champions!
And these two- are like watching little garden fairies.... so cute- and how close they are and how they read each other.... probably more than any of these twins above that I know. I love working with twins! I'm fascinated by the similarities and differenes..... and, it's double the fun!


lani said...

great pictures

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Laura said...

Ah, Didi, we love these! Thanks again for shooting our precious family portraits.