Wednesday, November 26, 2008

more calendar news

Ok- so the calendars created for the Napeequa winery will be for their proprietary use for corporate gifts at this point- but stay tuned for 2010!

However- if you are Jones-ing for a calendar created by me- please feel free to contact me- and I will be more than happy to order one for you- I'm genuinely pleased with how the "A Walk in the Park" calendars came out! This is all floral shots taken by yours truly on gorgeous 11x14 papers. This is the companion to the coffee table book that I created just for me... however- there has been interest in folks wanting to purchase themselves or use as gifts. I will happily inscribe a message for the giftee if you would like!

The turnaround time is a week- so if you want any before the Christmas rush- you should get with me ASAP!

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