Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let there be light!!!!!

So I guess I should let everyone know- I do finally have studio lighting- so we can shoot durring the winter! Hooray!!!!! It looks like I'll be using the space in the 3rd garage to set up for a "studio" when need be.

This will be great when the weather is cruddy, or when shooting for newborns, pregnant bellies and pin-ups. We don't always have the weather or location when we have the time for shots that require privacy.

I'm super excited and nervous- this is a new chapter for me! I am totally self taught- so I guess I'll be teaching myself what I like and don't like with these fancy lights now!


Scott said...

Sweet!!! I for one can't wait to see the awesome results!! I wish you were here or we were there so you could take some pics of my beautiful family!! Keep up the great work.

Didi said...

Me too! I wish we were all closer geographically- I have a feeling we'd be at each other's homes pretty frequently! And Kimi too!

Miss Vicki said...

The Parsons Bench may still come into play as a prop.....bah ha ha.