Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soap box

Ok- this is likely the only time I will say or do this- but I absolutely detest this time of year!!!

I am not an overly political person-at all. I appreciate the right and ability to vote- but November and the months leading up to it- makes me insane- all the wasted money and resources on campaign fliers, signs, radio and TV ads all designed to slander the "other" candidate. Yuck!

And if one more person sends me an other stupid politically motivated email- I may just lose it! Stop the insanity- people know who they are going to vote for or they don't- leave them alone! It's their choice! Leave it alone!

Thank you and have a nice day. :) xoxo D


Miss Vicki said...

and AMEN.

Now take a deep breath, have a glass of wine....we have a new President.
I took my own course of action with the political emails. After the first one, I replied that we didnt appreciate political e-mails and to please not send them to us. Then, if it happened again, I unceremoniously BLOCKED their mail from coming through. Bah ha haaa..It's been quite pleasent around here. But if you think of the world's poverty, and the national debt, and the starving people that could have been fed....

then I cry.

Scott said...

I too say AMEN!!!
All to much money is spent to win elections. That being said, today is an historical day!!!The people have spoken!!! Now perhaps we can get on with the fixin' this country needs.

Heidilynn said...

Didi you are cracking me up! I LOVE politics. Yes I know I am a freak. I am a POlitical Science major! How can I not love the actions of our country. Yet I agree with ya darlin, STOP THE INSANTIY and mud slinging. So not needed. So not necessary. So childish. I am THANKFUL the ads are gone. I am THRILLED we do not have a landline so no political candidate could call us.
So, I will agian grab my bottle of Napeequa Trillium Rose, and swig some more down while I watch the aftermath on CBS tonight. Believe me I nearly finished the bottle last night as I relaized whom had won.