Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday morning

Early yesterday morning as I headed out the door to do this shoot and it was raining sideways.... I was feeling rather defeated. I was to shoot these two super cute kids for the cover of a local ad magazine in a method called "soft marketing" (promoting the business quietly while it looks like something else is going on basically) and we tried them sitting behind a big desk- and it was cute- but it was indoor and the lighting looked- well canned. (and you all know who much I dislike that!!!!)
The other kicker is - that I had ordered and was hoping to use for this shoot (and it arrived while I was so sick this last week- so I couldn't play with it) two extra large soft boxes with stands, etc so that I can start doing more indoor/product stuff.... however- these items arrived in a box nearly as big as me- and I'm not kidding- not a shred of schematics/directions/diagrams anywhere- none, nil, nada, niet! And it wasn't something that just popped up- there is major assembly required here- so it was a no-go.

So I'm in my head on the drive over to this financial office I'm trying to come up with euphemisms that could relate to financial planning/investing. ( the publisher of this magazine usually calls me up and says what direction he's trying to go with an ad or cover and am I available- but is usually up for my interpretations on his ideas....)

And as I'm watching the wipers on my windshield go back and forth on high- it occurs to me- planning for a rainy day!!!!! So the family zipped down to the local hardware and purchased rain boots and umbrellas- and went to plan B- and I think we all liked the result better.

It rains here- a lot- especially in the winter! So it is what it is- welcome to Washington!

I did manage to catch some candid shots of them at the end just having fun- which are far better than the posed ad shots- but what are you gonna do?

And the kicker- an hour later- the sun came out- and hung around all afternoon- go figure!


Miss Vicki said...

You never cease to amaze me with your professionalism. ! You go, girl!

Didi said...

not that you're biased! :)

Thank you momma!

xoxo D