Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas card photos....

Today was a surprisingly nice day! It was for-casted to be awful- but is sunny and temperate. Since I was in photo mode- my neighbor asked if I'd snap a few shots for them for their Christmas cards- I drug the girls along with me too- there were lollipops for all three kids if they co-operated- I was not above bribery today! And even tho I did have to snarl at my own kids (and it's times like this that I do understand why some animals in the wild eat their young......) LOL!!!! We got through it and got some great stuff!
And set me to thinking of a few short years gone by- when did all this growing up happen? Really- how did we go from adorable chubby babies in jammies with feet in them to gorgeous, looking like they are ready for high school???????? Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's enough to make a mommy crazy! I'm so proud of who they are becoming- and terrified it's happening so quickly.

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Heidilynn said...

Oh the babies. Aren't they adorable. To see the girls change with each Christmas. Gorgeous.