Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday gift idea

So here is my attempt at a self promotional plug..... I make a great gift!!!! (my husband will cheer- as he says I'm not very good at marketing myself.... I prefer to call it modesty....)

I offer gift certificates if you would like to purchase a shoot (or a portion of a session) with me for someone else, or you could suggest to someone that you would like one!

And just in time for the holidays......I also have completed the compilation on my calendar and a coffee table book, titled "A Walk in the Park". It's a fun and colorful collection of my non-portraits. What does non-portrait consist of you ask.....

It's plants, animals, scenery and sunsets- the things that I find beautiful and interesting. It's the things that I find when I'm shooting by myself, for myself. :) Things that make me smile.

So if you'd like to give or get some unique and personal giftage this year- let me know!!!! (and I can get them ordered- shipping takes about a week on the book & calendars. Cost is determined by how big the order is- you generally save more on the bigger orders....)

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