Wednesday, November 19, 2008

B-ball style..

Ok! Finally! The planets aligned for me- I got out of work early, there was vertually zero traffic- and I got to make Gabbi's practice!

I have to say that I'm impressed with the girls- they have more game on the court than I have given them credit for- as they really haven't ever played- they play with their softball stuff, soccer and volleyball.... and are their blades, bikes and scooters constantly... but the basketball has just been sitting there collecting dust......until the last two weeks. Two weeks ago my girls hadn't even heard of the word jump-shot- and now they've got one!

I have no idea how the coaches think that this group of 1st & 3rd graders is going to be able to play a game in three weeks on one & two practices a week..... but we shall see....

In the mean time- they certainly look the part- and they are having fun! Gabbi looks tough tonight- and Oni looks like a female baby Shaq!

Look at the size of her feet!!!!!!!!!!- lLok out WNBA- we could have new recriut for you in a few years....

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