Monday, October 13, 2008

Start at the beginning...

Ok- so I really should start at the beginning of this crazy busy weekend! Early on a very foggy Friday morning we headed to the Pumpkin patch (it's a tradition I started with the kids as babies- and we'll do it until they graduate high school- wheather they want to or not- kinda like visiting Santa.... just do it!) :)

My friend Leessa and her son Max were up visiting from AZ this weekend. We used to always be doing something together way before the the kids were born- but especially since then or at least until they moved several states away- not that I'm bitter here......ok- I'm super sad- but so glad they still come to visit!!!!! :)

(Max & Oni are days apart - been friends since before they were born.... And Leessa and I are a day apart on our birthdays as well- so we have always spent our birthdays together.....) So..... it was a treat to have them visit on their way over the mountain to see her family. We met at Stocker Farms in Snohomish (love this place- it's easy access, clean and organized- and even when it's rainy and wet- it's not too muddy!)

It was such fun clowning around- the kids acted like it's only been a couple of days since they saw each other last and were off running and chasing around like old times. My mom says that's the mark of true friendship- when you can go months or years without seeing each other- and pick up right where you left off.......
I have to say thank you to them both for stopping in to see us- it was great to see you both! xoxo D

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