Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Firehouse 31

Today I got to try something new- I went and visited a firehouse and shot some editorial type shots of the equiptment. I'm trying to branch out- do something I've never shot before- I figured a firetruck was about as far from my norm as possible! A family friend (Mr. Tony Woods) of mine works as a fireman at house 31 for the Woodinville Fire Dept.


He and the guys were gracious enough to show me around the firehouse and let me take all the silly photos I wanted. These guys were mild mannered, good looking and not big on the lime light- tho Tony was happy to point out- that three of the guys on his crew alone have been in the firefighter calendars past and present! It's easy to see why- some handsome lads today! Pity I was only there to shoot the trucks..... of course I'd gladly come back if needed!!!!

Tony was telling me that this is one of 4 stations for the rapidly growing city of Woodinville and that they handle upwards of 4500 calls per year!!!! I'm contemplating doing a shadow day- and ride along and shoot them in action- will keep you all posted if that happens.

But in the mean time- Thanks guys- for the tour today- and for all that you do to keep the rest of us safe!

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Blondie said...

These pics are awesome, thanks for sharing them!!! Very neat idea!