Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crazy weather

Ok- I know that several of my post have related to the weather- and that seems like such a trite way to start a conversation- but this has been the most manic weather week! It was chilly and cloudy and smelled like rain when I walked the kids to the bus stop this morning..... a little mist and rain never hurt anyone..... and right as the bus left- we moms were left to dodge almost sleet like rain- huge drops that almost hurt.... and then- about 40 minutes later.... the clouds opened up and gave me blue sky and sunshine...... I don't get it! I did run outside and catch a few shots with the sun tho....


Heidilynn said...

Love your Fall pictures. Love your door all decorated. That was to be my goal this up coming week-end Oct 10-12. If I don't Halloween will have come and gone before I know it.
Great pictures Didi. Heidi

Grandma 2 Lana & Riley said...

Didi, lovely fall photos, capturing the water droplets. Beautiful!!!