Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crisp fall day

I know, I know- if you've seen one fall leaves photo- you've seen them all.....
But I couldn't help myself today- the colors on the trees at work have been just breath-taking all week! I rarely ever take a break when I'm at my day job- just want to get done and get home... but today- since I had the cameras with me after my visit to the firehouse- I decided to take a walk and shoot some pix.

I miss the flowers blooming in spring, and the long days of summer. I can do with out the monsoon that is winter- but FALL... well as most people who know me- know it's my favorite time of year. The sun hangs more gentle in the sky, and air is cool and crisp- and this color- I wait all year just for this kind of color!

Enjoy these sunny days- drink in the colors- it will sadly be wet and grey soon. I guess the upside to the weather going funky- is that is allows me to get caught up on all the things I've let slide while the weather was good, huh??? Like sewing, cleaning, scrapbooking- and balancing my checkbook- ewwwww- make it stop!!!! I was trying to find the brightside- and failed miserably!

Anyhoo- have a great day- and find a piece of sunshine somewhere today!

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