Tuesday, October 28, 2008


There is something so sweet and profound at watching a baby make discoveries....

We grown-ups rush around and hardly notice our surroundings most days. But babies.... everything is new-it seems to be in macro mode to them... they have to check it all out- take in every detail.

I look back at taking the girls for a "quick" walk to burn some energy- that was never- EVER- quick. We'd have to stop and look at every bug, flower, leaf, rock, bird..... and those were the sweetest times.
Now they just want to grab their blades or scooters and run off with their friends.... don't need momma as much anymore.... and that is a bitter sweet discovery. I love that they are getting more grown-up and independant- but sad that we parents are seemingly not the center of their universe anymore.

And if I were going to get all philosophical on you- I'd say it's like the 70's song, Turn, Turn, Turn- there is a season and time for every purpose.... but I won't. :)

Enjoy these last fleeting days of sunny autumn weather- and take a walk with your kids! :)

xoxo D

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