Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fabulous Fall

The first week of October arrived- and brought wind and rain with it! It became fall almost overnight.
The smell of the ultimate cold weather dinner from tonight is still hanging in the air- my potroast with potatoes and carrots(and lots of garlic and onions.....are you drooling yet?) ....mmmmmmmm!
And I'm feeling the need for a little coffee nudge for desert while we four snuggle up and watch a movie tonight - and maybe light the fire. :)

The trees have all started to change- but I fear that the wind will blow all the pretty leaves off before I can get some decent photos.

I decided it was ok to decorate for fall now that it was beyond October first.... and yes- I'm one of those moms.... the one who decorates for every season.....

I'll add the skeleton and bones on Halloween (I just don't trust that someone won't steal them if I leave them out all month...) to the hedge you see in this photo-

And I love that the fall decor looks so pretty against the stain color on the entry way.... that stain color has stressed me out since the first brush stroke this summer....long story.... but it ended ok.

Not much new to post from the weekend- it's been a weekend of errands, house work, and editing. The weather was lame and unpredictable- so my shoots will have to reschedule.

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