Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday!

Good morning and happy Friday!!!!

I have this cute little country sign hanging at my desk here at the home office that reads, "Take time to love the little things!"

And the reason I bring that up on this fine and chilly morning is that something caught my eye on my walk back from taking the kids to the bus stop today. It's one of those cold steeley mornings- not really foggy and not frosty- but you wonder how it's not becaue you can see your breath......

But a little ray of sunshine stood out at me from my dark colored bird bath....not sure if it was my children or the neighbor kids who did it- but someone had plucked some of my last remaining nasturtium and made a lovely water display for the birdies...... It made me smile. :)

It was sweet simplicity! And so I had to grab the camera... and then saw my neighbor's hydrangea- and this color just rocks- not normal pedestrian hydrangea- but grab your guitar and party like a rock star fuschia pink! :) Loved it!

Anyhoo- enough babbling from me. Friday is here- and work should be an easy day- and then tomorrow- I'm off to crush grapes for the 2008 Cab for Napeequa- I'm so excited!!!! Photos to follow tomorrow night! Stay tuned!

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Miss Vicki said...

Have a Ball at the winery!
Pour. {Sip}.Pour. {{Sip}}
Repeat as necessary.
Momma Vic