Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sign in

Ok folks- I keep hearing people in my daily life, say that they check out the BLOG often.... But there are only a few that are logged in as followers......

Please.....leave me some feedback- tell me who you are and who is reading this... if you are new- how you found me! This is an experiment for me- does this suffice or do I still need a web page for Natural Approach Photo????? Does this format work? Do you want me to throw in some recipes- do the Hula.......or what?????

Help me out- and enojoy the pix- hopefully they will make you giggle. xoxo D


Heidilynn said...

I think this is perfect and no you don't need a website for crying out loud. You won't be able to manage it as much as you can a blog unless you are the creator of the web. That is my guess and opinion.

Scott said...

I love your photos and I visit every day. I think the blog is perfect, and very easy to manage compared to a web site. Keep up the great work!!