Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Family shoot

Today I shot in a new location in Snohomish- and had some really cool lighting. It was late afternoon in the golden sun. Downtown has so many cool buildings, alley ways and the bike trail that runs parallel to First is a gold mine for gorgeous views!

This is one of those families that all of them look like models- just beautiful! And fun- I had a ball photographing the boys- they were so darned good at following direction- and I loved that they were willing to play with me and go out on limb (or a retaining wall, or a river bank.....) they were all very good sports! :)


Heidilynn said...

This is the most beautiful family & you have captured them with your amazing eye Miss D. I love what you did with the photo in black & white, in a reverse... I want one of those of Trenten.

Didi said...

That is two children! And they aren't even twins!

I love it equally well in color- it was one of the final shots I took as the sun was going down- and the light is so golden and soft.....