Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This weather....

...Is going to make me crazy! It's August- not November. I did have a small patch of sun this morning in my little corner of the world. I slipped outside and grabbed a couple of shots in between sips from my trough-o-coffee!

I snapped some of my gi-normous dahlias, and the grape vine that has enveloped the pergola around the hot tub. This must be their year- as they are producing gorgeous clusters of fruit.... Can't wait to taste! I wish I could have this lush color and vegetation all year.... I can feel that fall is just around the corner... and this rain- is making it all too real. (part of living in the NW....)

1 comment:

Scott said...

WOW what beautiful flowers and grapes!!! Still just dry dusty desert fauna and flora here!!!
The ocasional scorpion or two!!!
Ha ha we did get some rain last nite though, kinda nice for a change!!!