Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Googa-Mooga!

Great googo-mooga!!! The week is almost half over already. I have been trying to do the back-to-school shopping bit by bit this week on my way home from work- and as little of it with the kids present as possible.... is that so wrong??? It has it's disadvantages and it's advantages.....they aren't there to try things on.... but they aren't there to try things on.... hmmmmm... Oh-well--well I've met with about a 96% approval rating this week on the things I've put together and brought I still rate as "cool"- which is a huge relief to me! :)

We three girls had the talk before I even started this process.... if we go brand new- hog wild with what's trendy and new at the local veneu (Target) then they will get to pick out a few things... but if we do things smart and go gently used/2nd hand- we get more for the allotted budget- and we are going "green" and recycling..... which we all agreed was a cool way to do things... so me met in the middle. All in all- they will start back in style- and they are fun-but modest..... something I see is severely lacking for their age bracket.....Hi-a-wath-a! (my friend Nicole swears in Native American herion names... it's catching on...)

Anyhoo- the other cool thing that happend in my last 24 was that photos I shot 6 months ago for a friend's private lable winery have made thier way to their newly launched website!!!!! I'm so excited! And I love, love, love that they used my images! It's rare that you find a wine maker that you just love everything they make- and in thier case- it's totally true!!! So- check them out-

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