Sunday, August 31, 2008

As I am watching the days in fast forward- school starting a just a couple of days- I was thinking about what we did this summer.....

Here the girls are poolside- getting ready for their last day of swimming lessons. It has become a yearly tradition to go and spend a couple of weeks with G'ma Vicki & Papa John in Idaho and they take their swim lessons there.

It's a 2-1 ratio there- and so inexpensive, it's not crowded.... and I've know the swim coach since he was three! :)

The girls got live in small town USA and be country girls. Run and play and util you just can't play anymore- Play in the pasutres, pretend that the animals are yours- pretend you are galloping on a horse- almost every step you take....(can you say two very horse crazy little girls????)

Create wonderful organic "mud pies"- all over g'mas deck, run through the sprinkers and slip-n-slide, read, sew, play dress-up and dolls. Watch thunder and lightening storms in the endless country sky- and not be afraid of them anymore!!!! Good stuff- and priceless memories for them- and for G'ma & G'pa! :)

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