Friday, August 29, 2008


Thank goodness it's Friday!!!! And a three day weekend to boot! :)

It's still raining- day 5 to be precise.....I had to laugh this morning... I was lamenting that school starts in 5 days- and summer is basically over- when Gabbi looks at me and says disgustly, "how on Earth can it be over? We only had sun for about 3 weeks this year!" For someone so young- she's got a handle on things!

It's forcasted to be nice this weekend- I certainly hope so- we have family coming for bbq tomorrow for Ron's brother's b-day! Yummy!!!! Can't wait! He is the BBQ Master!

And depending on the weather- we girs plan to go berry picking in the morning- while daddy is running the smoker and getting the cooking done for the bbq (the blackberries are on and looking good- and we should be on for blueberries too- so we'll see how it goes) I might even throw together a pie with the fresh berries!

If on the other hand the weather stinks.... it looks like a scrap booking weekend. :) We girls did a mini- spa tonight and painted our finger nails all sorts of pretty colors- and tomorrow night- we will do toes and a mud mask. :)

We are looking forward to relaxing and hanging out with the girls this weekend before the hustle of the school year hurls forward in hurry-mode.

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