Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mmmmmmmm the finished product…. Hot out of the oven… And it lasted all of about 9 minutes after this shot was taken……Snapped up and devoured without prejudice!

It is so simple and so good…. Just fresh berries, flour, sugar, ginger , butter and a crust with an egg wash. Not too sweet- just the brilliant taste of blue berries-warm from the oven….

Our simple family gathering somehow became much larger with several friends who came to wish Ron's brother a happy birthday- and eat well and watch our poor Huskies..... no a pretty game.....

But the food- was great, pot luck style--bbq chicken, brauts, meat and veggie skewers, some incredible vine tomatoes- whole and cored- with honey, balsamic, EVOO- grilled/baked and topped with feta... incredible. Fruit salad, green salad and veggies and dip and a yellow cake with chocolate frosing..... life was good

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